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How to wager in Belmont stakes betting?

The following steps can be helpful while wagering a bet in Belmont stakes betting:

  1. Choose your horse:

While choosing your horse, it is essential to interpret the data while going through various resources. This can help you to choose a winner. Information regarding each horse's most ten races can be available either online or on track from the Daily Racing Form. The pace of each horse through-out the race, their training, likability to mud and other performance aspects are easily available on their site. The track program, hosted by the Equibase Company also provides pretty much the same information.

Information regarding the stars: Jockeys as well as the trainers are also responsible for the performance of the horse which directly affects Belmont stakes betting. It is rather easy to choose the winner than the horse if one has strong social connections. Competition between horsemen and jockeys is quite common in New York tracks.  Information regarding famous trainers like Shug McGaughey, and Nick Zito can be easily available on the website pages. 

Opinion from the Experts: Publications such as the The Daily Racing Form and Public Handicapper, earn their lively hood through their ability to predict a winner by analysing the past performances of the horses. The picks can be seen online or on the Post Parade Program. Every single Race day the in-house experts walk through the races on the Talking Horses program broadcasted on NYRA TV. It is also available online. Racing fans can also be helpful in choosing newcomers in this field.    

  1. Choose your Bet Type:

There are different betting types available in Belmont stakes betting to the one interested in placing a bet: The following are the conditions of the same–

Easy: While betting on easy, it is a must that one's horse wins. The horse on which you have placed the bet must obtain the first or second place. The horse must finish the show in top three.  On the board separate the win and place, while showing equal wager amounts on the horse. The lower limit for these kinds of wager is $1. The lower limit for the bet would actually be $3 in across the board wager as three separate bets are placed.   

Medium: Picking the first two horses in the right order is known as the Exacta. Picking the First two horses in any order is known as the Quintella. Choosing the first three horses in the right order is known as the Trifecta. Picking up the winner continuously in two races is known as the Daily Double. The lower limit on these kinds of wager is $1. 

Hard: Picking up the four horses who come first in the right order is known as the Superfecta in Belmont stakes betting. Choosing a winner who finishes in top three positions in three races continuously while winning the fourth race is known as the Grand Slam. If no wager is placed in the first three legs, the horse has to finish second.

Picking the winner of the 3, 4 and 6 races consecutively is known as Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6 respectively. The lower limit on the wager for grand slam as well as Pick 3 is $1. However, in Superfectas and Pick 4 the lowest wager can be as low as 10¢ and 50¢. $2 is least wager for Pick 6.

    • Placing the Bet:  The format is similar to that of betting window irrespective of the kind of bet placed. The information has to be provided to the teller: Name of the track, the race, the Amount placed in the bet, the type of the bet and the Number of the Horse. If you won the bet, then get the ticket to the window to cash your bet.