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Gamblers Bet on Time Person of the Year Winner

The tradition of selecting a “Man of the Year” began all the way back in 1927 through Time magazine editors.

This annual award was the attempt to fix the embarrassment earlier that year when Time magazine failed to have Charles Lindbergh on its cover following his historic trans-Atlantic flight.

Following Lindbergh in 1927 as the inaugural Man of the Year, other historic icons have won this prestigious award, including Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth II, JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Nixon, Ted Turner, Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.

It’s not only individuals who are eligible for the award; classes of people, the computer ("Machine of the Year" in 1982), and "Endangered Earth" ("Planet of the Year" in 1988) have also been selected for the special year-end issue.

With less than two months away from Time magazine revealing who their Man of the Year will be for 2016, bookmaker Paddy Power have released odds for gamblers to bet on who they think will win this year’s award.

Last week, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, more famous for their sportsbook, live casino and poker games, were taking bets on the Nobel Peace Prize.Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartetwere the surprising winners of that prize last Friday.

Paddy Power currently has the Migrant/Refugee as the 3/1 favourite to be on the front cover of Time’s December issue and thus take the award.

Other hot candidates to be awarded the honour this year are the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras (5/1), US President, Barack Obama (8/1), television personality, Caitlyn Jenner (10/1) and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel (10/1).

"Ebola fighters" were last year’s winners, referring to health care workers who helped stop the spread of the Ebola virus disease during the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.  This not only included doctors and nurses, but also ambulance attendants, burial parties, etc.
Pope Francis of Argentina was the last individual to take the honour, back in 2013, after he was elected head of the Roman Catholic Church that year following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.