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The face of online casinos

Perhaps the best thing about living in 2013 is that we finally get to rip the fruits of technology. The advance, innovative and refined, super-fast, networked systems allow us to play all our favourite games when we want it, and where. Of course, we want it here and now.

After spending so much time gaming online, all bets are off when it comes to variety of play and extra new features. Most online casinos offer us this bonus, and that bonus, only that we will give them the time of day. Each online casino hosts hundreds, literally, different games from various genres- from cards, dice games, new variants of oldies- we’ve heard it all. But what else can we talk about when we want to choose a new brand to play with? Where is the exotic online casino that we haven’t tried yet, but just have to? Where was it hiding all this time?

Casinos in the online world don’t stand out just by the range of titles on their server. Nor do they stand out when they’re flashing out their bonuses and promotions, like vendors in a digital market. So where still can we distinguish the must-play from the obvious flop?

Security? Safety of play? Yeah, that as well. But today, 128-bit encryption is an industry standard, no one will offer you less. No one will give your personal details to anyone… knowingly.

The answer is simpler than what usually comes to mind, and it is a trend we have seen growing since the early 2000’s.

Customization - Players want to feel they’re in their own personal space when they bet, a space designed by themselves, one which offers them a unique reward based upon their individual characteristics. An engine that reads their thoughts, knows what they like, what will they like next?

In a world where social networks rule the day and agendas are being set based on their contents, not mentioning names, gamers want to an online casino where they can socialize, as well as play. Multiplayer games are the future, if not already the present, and online casinos are now being faced-lift to accommodate the new generation of players.